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July 15 (Monday)

David W. Blomstrom
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David Blomstrom grew up in “West Dakota,” later serving in the Navy and attending college before working as a wildlife biologist in Alaska. An aspiring author, he noticed that very little had been recorded about the adoption of state birds and similar “ecosymbols.”

Thus, Blomstrom began researching the stories behind hundreds of state symbols in the mid-1980’s. His interests expanded to include a variety of symbols, from mottoes to tartans, and he spent some time studying vexillology (flags and coats of arms).

Today, Blomstrom is probably the leading authority on plant and animal symbolism and official national and state symbols in general. He is also one of the leading advocates of replacing state flags with more sensible, esthetic and inspirational designs, having designed several new flags himself.

Proposed Montana state flag

A career educator and political activist, Blomstrom likes to open people’s eyes by examining symbols from various perspectives and is very critical of many symbols. He wrote a series of articles commemorating Montana’s state symbols that appeared in Montana Magazine during that state’s Centennial. Of course, it included Blomstrom’s suggestion for a new Montana state flag.