April 18 (Thursday)

The Alabama’s Creed
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Written by Mrs. H.P. Thetford of Birmingham, the Alabamian’s Creed is another reminder that Muslims, Buddhists and atheists are often considered second class citizens in the U.S. It was adopted by the Board and Council of the Alabama Federations of Women’s Clubs who in turn recommended it for adoption by the state legislature. It was officially approved as a state symbol in 1953.

I believe in Alabama, a state dedicated to a faith in God and the enlightenment of mankind; to a democracy that safeguards the liberties of each citizen and to the conservation of her youth, her ideals, and her soil. I believe it is my duty to obey her laws, to respect her flag and to be alert to her needs and generous in my efforts to foster her advancement within the statehood of the world.